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Living Well
Living well is more than nutrition and exercise ... but it certainly includes those. Click here to find some research-based sources for nutrition, food preparation, healthy meals, and kids nutrition.

Nick Prukop
's Health & Fitness Notes – Safety and Exercise Guidelines

From the forthcoming book "Nick's 101 Tips to Healthy Living"

#1 – Enjoying yourself is the key to success!
The best exercise is the one you enjoy since it is the one you are likely to do most often. I find that one of the main problems we face when trying to get started on a fitness program is compliance. Setting clearly defined, measurable, and reasonable goals for yourself and enjoying yourself in the process of learning will help you stay on course.

#2 – One step at a time!
When possible exercise with a training partner who can help provide you with help, encouragement, and motivation to keep going. The idea of maintaining consistency is critical to success in any exercise program since it is in the repetition and learning through doing that we can gain confidence in our abilities. It is through repetition that we gain the skills necessary for success – so be patient with yourself and your progress.

#3 –Your body will change, listen to it!
Always maintain an attitude of safety first. You will reach your goals more quickly when injuries are avoided. When starting out on this challenging road called fitness training, remember that injuries will always “take you out of game”. This is one of my most common sayings when I start working with a client: “Learn to listen to your body!” “No pain, no gain” is a slogan from the past that no longer serves us as we age and try to get – and stay - in shape.

#4 – Pay attention to any signal that does not feel right!
Stop an exercise program if you experience chest pain, dizziness, or lightheadedness. I find in looking at new clients who are unfamiliar with the stresses of a new exercise program that they want to do more than they are able to initially. They “want it now”. It works to our advantage when we take notice of any sign or symptom that may need further evaluation. Be careful and learn first, then increase the exercise stimulus.

#5 –Breathing is the key to effective exercise.
Breathe normally during all exercises. Do not hold your breath especially when lifting weights. I always check my client’s breathing patterns before engaging in any activity with them. I ask them to exhale and then feel their muscles contract. It is in “breathing out” – not in – that we get the best results. Practicing deep breathing exercises in response to moving – and sitting – is a great way to become comfortable during exercise.

#6 –Drink plenty of water each day!
Drink liberal amounts of water before, during, and after exercise. Water is the key to life - without it we die very quickly. Dehydration is a problem for all of who exercise at any level of intensity. Water fuels the systems by allowing for more effective transfer of oxygen and nutrients to our tissues. By the time you are thirsty it is generally too late - you are already on the way to dehydration.

#7 – Ask questions and understand your current condition - and limitations - before you start an exercise program!
Consult your physician before beginning any exercise program, especially if you become or are currently pregnant. Screening for potential problems in advance of beginning an exercise program will save you from problems down the road. Medications, structural problems with joints, imbalances in the muscles, posture and many other issues can be addressed before you begin saving you from developing injuries later. Remember: Ask questions and understand your current condition - and limitations - before you start an exercise program!

All tips listed above ©Nick Prukop, 2007

For more info on the author and other health tips, click here.

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PTT stands for Physical Therapy Today and it is a full fledged physical therapy center, staffed with top notch physical therapists and all the resources needed to aid local patients in recovery and therapy needs. With this professional edge, PTT is also ideally suited to help us gain health through exercise in their state of the art workout center, underwater treadmills, and pool and hot tub!

AND ... good news! The exercise "arm" of PTT is called EXC and it is open to the public!
You can join this workout facility just like you would any fitness center. And when you do, you gain more than a workout place. You gain a team of caring professionals who can assist you in your workout needs. CLICK HERE TO LEARN about the facility! You will be amazed!

Mall Walkers Unite!
The Mall Walkers' Heart and Sole Club meets quarterly at 8 a.m. on the second Tuesday of the month in the South Plains Mall Food Isle. Refreshments are served at each meeting and a variety of speakers will speak to the group about health-related topics, fitness and other items of interest. The meetings are brief so walking may continue!

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