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February 3 – March 25….Celebrating 20 Years of Art - In honor of its twentieth anniversary, LHUCA has invited over one hundred artists who have contributed to the history of its campus to contribute a piece of art for this exhibition. The diversity of this collection speaks to the achievement of this space as a catalyst for providing unique visions of art to the Lubbock community. Key to the success of this organization were the efforts of Louise Hopkins Underwood and Neal Hanslik, who headed a group that researched locations and art centers in the local surroundings. The origin of the main building begins with its transformation from the City of Lubbock Fire Administration building and Firehouse #1 into a non-profit, multi-disciplinary art center in 2000. The four main galleries of the center host over 5,000 sq. ft. of exhibition space, and functioned as a beginning to LHUCA's expanding campus. LHUCA, 511 Avenue K.

February 11 – May 21….Be the Dinosaur Exhibition & Dinosaurs Giants of Patagonia Movie - The Science Spectrum is excited to announce the opening of a totally new style of hands-on interactive traveling exhibit, Be the Dinosaur: Life in the Cretaceous. Using technology, this one-of-a-kind exhibit will immerse you in the world of dinosaurs and allows visitors to learn how they lived. Travel back in time to the Cretaceous, find out when and where dinosaurs lived, how they hunted, ate, took care of their young, their biology and discover what the natural world was like in a time long ago. Be the Dinosaur is a groundbreaking fusion of state-of-the-art video game technology and traditional exhibits, featuring full-size dinosaur bones, a paleontology field station, life-like moving animatronic dinosaurs, a Safari Jeep, and more. Through innovative technology, visitors of all ages can enter into the largest and most complex restoration of an extinct ecosystem ever created. Also Featured: Dinosaurs Giants of Patagonia in the OMNI Theater While you’re here, you’ll also be able to take in the full dinosaur experience by seeing the OMNI film, Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia. Explore a time when huge dinosaurs inhabited the world. Fossils of some of the largest dinosaur species ever unearthed come from the region of South America known as Patagonia. The large format film, Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia, will bring you up close and personal with these extraordinary creatures that lived before the dawn of man. Experience the predators and prey of the dinosaur world with Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia. For additional film information visit, The OMNI Theater will be showing the 2D version of this film.

Be the Dinosaur w/ Standard Museum:
Adult $12.50....Child (3-12) $10.00....Senior (60+) $10.00

Be the Dinosaur w/ OMNI Film:
Adult $12.50....Child (3-12) $10.00....Senior (60+) $10.00

Be the Dinosaur w/ Museum & OMNI
Adult $17.50....Child (3-12) $13.50....Senior (60+) $13.50

* For Group and School Group rates and reservations please call 806-745-2525 x234.
Science Spectrum Museum & OMNI Theater, 2579 S. Loop 289



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