Import Warehouse

Import Warehouse
3207 34th Street

For those of you who did not know, the Peters' Auctions are no longer going on. The same great family who has been in antiques for years has opened a warehouse for antiques and filled it with other decorating items that make this a MUST and FUN stop on any shopping trip.

Look around at these photos. Get a feel for the store.
See something you want? Call Trish and she will hold it for you.

Have something in mind you don't see? Call Trish and see if she might knon how to help.


Top Cool Gift Ideas
for this Holiday!


She only ordered
1 per alphabet letter
so get yours now.


These neat signs
change with the season in authentic American style!

First buy the sign (it's like an old fashioned arrow.

Then the seasonal characters and shapes allow for changes throughout the year like this beautiful Santa!

And other images like the flag and the heart make it useful all year!









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