2703 B 26th (26th & Boston)
In Tech Terrace - next to J&B Coffee

Open Monday through Saturday
10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Different by Design

Hodgepodge is just that ... a hodgepodge of textures, jewels, wood, iron, glass, nostalgia, retro, contemporary, the works.

Dinah can help you discover the out of the way goods and products that stock the many shelves and armoirs! Call on her to help you find that most unusual gift.

You can immediately tell you're someplace special. From ecletic decor to antique hardware, this is different by design.

And there's even a pet department!

Quilts, bedding,
home decor, lamps, accessories, candles,
frames, cards ... just the beginning.

The ordinary becomes unusual with prints and styles that coexist well.


Brass light switch covers provide a provencial look at a pauper's budget.

Baby, baby, baby!
You're in luck!

The cozy design studio in back specializes in all
types of invitations, announcements, and stationery. Your
invitation is the first impression and it sets
tone for the entire event. We know that you want something different. Make an appointment for your upcoming event.

Click on the logo above
to visit a more thorough selection of stationary and papers.

Enjoy these Holiday Gift Ideas and take a stroll through the store.

Handmade kaleidoscopes settle nicelly among the mix of stain glass and table linens.

Hardware, frames, and decorative items.


Kitchen gadgets, tools, and accessories.


Cool kitchen accents.

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