Tip of the Month!

5 Tips to make it more enjoyable…

Follow these tips before you leave and feel more secure about your home being vacant:

1. Don’t advertise that you are gone:
- Discontinue newspaper delivery or have a neighbor bring in the paper each day. A neighbor can bring in the mail and any other deliveries at the same time.
- Arrange for someone to keep the lawn trim. Leave a car parked in the driveway.
- Don’t record a message on your answering machine or voice mail that says you are gone. If you use an answering machine, have someone remove messages periodically to prevent overloading its message capacity. An overloaded machine won’t take messages properly and can tip-off thieves that you are away.

2. Improve security:
- Make sure all windows and doors are locked, including those above the ground floor. Use broom handles to wedge sliding glass doors shut.
- If you have an alarm, let the monitoring service know you are going. Make sure alternate contacts are going to be in town.
- Tell neighbors you are leaving so they can watch your home.
- Install exterior lights that come on when it gets dark/go off when it’s light.

3. Just in case:
- Hide small valuable items like jewelry. Don’t place items in the freezer, as it is an overused hiding place. A banged-up box high up in a closet or in a remote corner of the basement should suffice.
- Photograph valuables as record for insurance purposes. Even better, take a video inventory of each room, zooming in on brand names, model numbers, and serial numbers.

4. Prevent water damage:
- If you are leaving town for more than a few days, turn the power to your water heater off, shut off the main water supply valve to your house and flush a toilet on the lowest floor to drain the system. Water damage frequently happens while people are gone for extended periods of time

5. Save energy:
- Close all drapes and blinds to keep your home cooler. Set the thermostat on your furnace or air conditioner to the lowest setting or turn them off altogether. If you leave lights on, make sure that they are low energy fluorescent bulbs.

But most importantly, have a great vacation!!!

About our Company…

Carpet Tech started with one cleaning rig in the back of a minivan and today we have 7 Vortex units and 20 truck mounted cleaning units PLUS Flood Rigs, Relay Rigs and State of the Art Truck Mounted Duct Cleaning Vehicles. In 2003, we reached a significant milestone in our history by breaking ground for a larger facility and expanding our operations to more than double that of only a few years ago. We now have a shop in Amarillo and Clovis, NM so that we are able to service this entire region!

Our Extensive list of services includes: Carpet Cleaning, Stretching, & Repairs
24 Hour Water, Fire, & Smoke Damage Restoration - Tile & Grout Cleaning, Sealing, Coloring, Stripping & Rewaxing - Upholstery, Drape, & Area Rug - Steam or Dry Cleaning - Air Duct Cleaning - Wood Floor Care & More!

Meet our Employees
Josh Pridmore, Scott Parkinson, Blaze Bingham, Brent Stone, and Jerid Pridmore
No company is successful without dedicated and hard working employees, and our company is no different. Without the knowledge and experience these guys bring to the industry, we couldn’t handle such a large network of clients. These are the guys to call to get the job done in a timely manner. We are lucky to have them be a part of our team.

When your home is a wreck, you call Carpet Tech!


For more information about Carpet Tech, click here to visit their web site!


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