When you arrive ... peace settles on you at Forest Home Cabins in Ruidoso.
You're just a few blocks away from the main shopping, dining and entertainment areas, but you feel a million miles away!
You can see that the cabins surround a common area perfect for relaxing and socializing with friends and family.
Many families and couples make this an annual tradition and it feels like a home away from home.
Start your tradition soon.
Call Kim and ask her for what you need** ... she's really helpful and runs the place!

Be sure and tell her the Fun Club sent you and "a nice little surprise" will await your arrival!
Forest Home Cabins, 436 Main Road, 800-678-7647, 505-257-4504

Luxurious open concept complete with fireplace & hot tub
inside in the Special Occasion cabin!

Warm up by fire, listen to surround sound or watch tv.
All the cabins are unique and different in sizes and prices.

Here's our back door
and porch!

Our friends had the cabin next door ... and at night we came out on the porch
to watch the DEER
that visited nightly.

Click here to see
even more pictures.

Each cabin has a different personality and ammenities and they range in price from $84 to $219 depending on season and sizes. QUITE A BARGAIN for what you get.

Maid Marian … One Bedroom w/ Wet Bar
Will Scarlett … One Bedroom with Kitchen
Friar Tuck … One Bedroom, Two Beds w/Kitchen
Alan A Dale … One Bedroom, Two Beds w/Kitchen
Nottingham … One Bedroom, Two Beds w/Kitchen
Greenwood Tree … One Bedroom, Two Beds w/Kitchen
King Richard … Two Bedroom , Two Bath w/Kitchen
Little John … Three Bedroom, Two Bath w/Kitchen
Robin Hood … Special Occasion Cabin w/Kitchen, hot tub
Forest Cottage … 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath w/Kitchen
River Cottage … 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath w/Kitchen


Here's Kim helping us set up the surround sound! Wow.

She's so nice
and makes
it very comfortable to stay there.


Needless to say, we found it easy
to get a little R & R ... a nice
break from the FUN PACE in Lubbock!



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